Update and Render Textures in Skybox

Hello guys! I am very new to unreal engine and I am trying to make a program for the Oculus Rift that displays 360 degree photos as textures or materials in a skybox. I am having troubles with making the actual textures. I have been following these tutorials:
Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: Space Skybox Creation - YouTube - creating a skybox using unreal and spacescape
CubeMap from HDRI for Unreal Engine 4.10 - YouTube - cubemap from HDRI pictures
when I try to put one of my cubemaps as textures, it appears as a cube instead as a sphere.

First question: How do I fix this problem, why is this happening?
second question: How can I update and render this images to simulate a slideshow in a skybox? or is there another way to achieve this?

Have you seen this built-in UE4 plugin?