Unwanted Zoom with Scene Capture Component

Hello Rendering Gurus. How can I correct this the reflection to the appropriate size?

Hi redbox, I appreciate your input. I’m developing a Portal system similar to the Portals game. The Portals can be placed anywhere in the map, capturing/displaying the scene they pointing towards. Unfortunately, the reflections are zoomed-in no matter where the portals are orientated.

Reviewed Reflections Content Demo’s Scene Capture 2D example. No Luck :frowning: Anyone else experienced this? Could this be due to my graphics Card?

Cant you just move your capture location back? Surely the other side of the door is invisible

Thanks Orkney, Sheesh, i didnt think that. I’m giving it a try will post my results.

Moved the SceneCapture Component Backwards. Its look better, but slightly off.

Maybe move it back even further then use some TexCoord nodes to ‘crop’ it to size?

Thank you Orkney. I will give that a go and post a screenshot of my result.