Unwanted Replication

I have a couple of functions, one I want to replicate across all clients and one I don’t want to replicate at all.

The one I want to replicate (transform into a cube) I have setup a custom event with “run on server” in blueprints and its working fine.

The one I don’t want to replicate (display text above other cubes while in cube form) is replicating by itself with no instructions to do so.

Why is this happening?

Edit: Unreal 4.7.0 Preview 7

Edit: Here’s some screen caps of blueprint functions

Players replicated transform into a cube -

Player detecting data cubes and telling them to show a message -

The data cube displaying a message -

Seems the server was calling [Update Detect Signal] even when it had no control over a pawn.

I fixed it by specifically telling the server not to run that function. -

However clients are still all seeing the text popup when only the client who triggers the data cubes should be seeing it.

Thanks Daekesh! (via freenode.net#unrealengine)

“Get Player Controller” index 0 means its the local player, so if you check for index 0 you can run code on a single player.


How does this work with a listen server where one player also is the server?
Trying to figure out how to run part of the characters blueprint locally on a player without needing an RPC

You may need to check “Has Authority” to make sure only the server executes the command.