Unwanted Highlights When Baking Light

I keep running into this issue when building my lighting where it casts a huge highlighted/unsaturated area in the center of my map (see image below). I’m using stationary directional and sky lighting with an HDRI sphere. The only mesh overlapping the road is a landscape mesh Has anyone run into a similar issue and/or know of any corrections?

This has to be some other actor – fog, light, reflection, or something like that.
Try disabling each of your rendering/lighting-related actors (or all of them) and re-build to see what changes, one at a time.

Also, it could be something in the material, if the material has some kind of fancy math rather than just plugging textures into material property slots.

Given that it is a perfect circle, this is almost certainly a reflection capture

I think you’re right, the reflection sphere boundary is in the same area. Going to delete the reflection capture and rebuild to see if it fixes the issue.