Unspooling a cable , no physics just circular or figure 8 effect?

I am attempting to make cables look better, the default ones aren’t able to do what I would like.
I am trying to imitate the unspooling of a bundled cable , for example the player shoots a harpoon gun, it would unspool in a circle or figure 8 pattern from the pile of readied cable, plus it actually looks good.
I have crunched some numbers and can get what I want with splines but the performance cost is huge. I may have walked too far down the wrong track with spline meshes?
Should I be using a material shader to make the cable do the circle/figure 8 effect? (Never looked into)
I would be fine if I could just get a tiling ripe texture on a 2d spline but don’t know how to render that with my already made spline.
For reference the grapple hook from COD:AW is a fine example of this.