(unresponsive) UE4Editor.exe - Vive Ready


I am fairly new to the engine and to VR, looking into the answer hub I found another question that presented my same problem, the “(unresponsive) UE4Editor.exe” while the SteamVR says that Vive is Ready.


The solution presented in the post was to activate a stereo on command either on the console or on the level blueprint. However in my case I cannot get this solution to work. Even though I added the command in one of my blueprints at the next launch the SteamVR still gave the same error.

I rebooted the system and activated SteamVR, and it did not present any errors, after confirming that, I launched unreal editor and the error came up again. In this case I did not launch a project or anything just the starting menu before choosing which project to open. I opened a project anyway and the PlayVR button was grey. Yesterday when this problem first appeared, I mean the “(unresponsive) UE4Editor.exe”, the PlayVR button was clickable and it made me see and interact with the default Vive environment (or Unreal environment I am not sure) instead of my project, while now I cannot run it.

Other than hoping for a solution from you wonderful community, I wonder if the solution presented in the other post with the stereo on command is where I did it wrong and I inserted incorrectly into my blue print.

Thank you so much!

I continued working, even by opening the default VR blueprint and setting the stereo on in the BP motion controller as said in the other post I can’t get the VR system to work. The window remained as the one in my post before and the VR play button stays grey.

Please if you know how help me! Thank you.