Unresolved externals after linking static library

After statically linking third party libraries, compiling in the editor seems to work for a while, then unresolved external errors start appearing, for such things as “FVector::ZeroVector”. Log attached. Cleaning and rebuilding in VS after closing the editor does not resolve the issue.
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Sounds like you’re missing a linker dependency in your project. Can you check whether “Core” is listed in the PrivateDependencyModuleNames array of your project’s Build.cs file?

I’ve worked on the project for a week before adding the library. Here is the relevant line in the build.cs:

PublicDependencyModuleNames.AddRange(new string[] { “Core”, “CoreUObject”, “Engine”, “InputCore”, “RHI”, “RenderCore”, “ShaderCore”});

It worked fine for the first half dozen compiles or so after I added the library, and suddenly stopped working.

Hmm, your settings look correct. It should work. Any chance you can zip up your project and attach it here or email it to me at max.preussner@epicgames.com? Thanks!

I’d be happy to, however, the entire project is 7.8GB. Which parts?

I would only need what’s in your project directory, specifically: /YourProject/Build, /YourProject/Config, /YourProject/Source, as well as the /YourProject/YourProject.uproject file. You can leave out all the rest, it’s not needed for compilation.

Sent a link instead

Max I have sent you another project which does not have 3rd party libraries linked in, and that results in unresolved externals with the same symptoms as my original question. It is a blank project with a few custom classes.

Seems my configuration choices were the problem. I no longer have the issue once I went back to “Development Editor/Windows” in the UE4 portion, and “Debug/x64” for the libraries.

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