Unremovable Assets in my world

In UEFN I removed the assets from my world and they don’t appear there. When I go to test my map (into Fortnite) I still see the assets and they are still there. How do I remove them from my world? I used the simple island


Thank you for your report! We would like to look into this further, would you be able to submit a bug report using the form available here? Fortnite Creative

You deleted it for sure? I know it sounds silly, but are you sure you didn’t toggle visibility in the editor from the outliner?

I wish it was true. But no I don’t have them on invisible.

Its all the Sunburst Billboards on this outliner. Will submit the bug.

Can you select them in Live edit? If so, try to move them higher a bit so they are into the level more. Maybe they count as outside the level bounds and not show in UEFN

No, i can’t

Hmm, seems they are out of the map and you need to destroy them. Alright scuf mode enabled then, try to build there while having building destoying environment ON and see if they get destroyed. Also try to snipe them to see if they break. Lastly, throw a shockwave grenade at them.

i have destroyed them in live edit session and pushed the changes. But they keep appearing and just being there. It seems like a bug, very strange.

What exactly happens if you select it in the outliner and press delete (Del/Delete next to end and page down) on the keyboard? Does it disappear from the outliner, only to reappear when you launch your session?

If I click on these BP_Sunburst_Billboard assets in the Outliner they get selected for 0.1 second, thats it. Nothing appears in the detail tab and nothing gets actually selected in the UEFN world.