UnrealVS' quick build menu is blank

Hey guys,

Despite reinstalling UnrealVS and using the ‘refresh projects’ button that it includes, I can’t get my quick build menu to display anything useful. Using VS2013 Professional with my project’s .sln (engine is built from source). Picture included:


Any ideas?


Hey -

Not sure what is happening with your UnrealVS. What were you working on when you realized it wasn’t working? Have you had the same issue with a new projects or any other projects you have?

Hey ,

It seems to only happen when I work at home on any project - I tried one running off of pre-built 4.3.0 binaries, and it too had this issue. At work, however, UnrealVS’ menu comes up fine on the same project.

Not sure what diagnostics I can give you.

Hey -

I’ve not seen the behavior you’ve described so far. You may want to try reinstalling Visual Studios itself to check if there is some kind of disconnect between VS2013 and UnrealVS. If you have any other problems please let us know.