Unreal's Water Shader Not Fully Complete

I got this Unreal Ocean Lake Water Shader from the library marketplace under the water planes area but I don’t know how to add the Sine Wave into it so that I can change it from
a moving flat lake surface material to make the vertices that the material is on to rise up and down to simulate rising and falling ocean water. So that if you add any items into the ocean you can see the material rise and fall. (later on once you got the water
rising and falling, I may have to make the objects in the ocean also rise and fall with the water). But for now I just want the ocean water to just rise and fall.

I seen a sine wave motion done in UDK by a guy called Seenoah who did an Advanced Ocean Water Shader. And the sine wave was done with a small group of nodes. But he cut ‘n’ pasted them in the video tutorial, so we were not shown how to actually construct up those nodes and parameters to create the sine wave needed for moving the vertices.

Does anyone know how to build the sine wave for the vertices or can show me where I can find the material nodes for it for version 4.12 of the engine?