Where can I download UnrealPak.exe and how do I use it? I know I should type
info removed coz reasons - Kris
but I do not know exactly where.

So you can find PUBG’s encryption key, you can find the command line to use the said encryption key to modify the assets it uses, but you can’t find UnrealPak? Lame attempt of a hacker in today’s world. You need to improve your efforts.

@ambershee @Kris

Note: copy-paste the encryption key and Google it. It will confirm the assets will be used for:

  • Stripping away textures.
  • Modifying sounds so you can “hear” better.
  • Modifying characters to they become more visible.
  • Stripping away meshes (i.e. grass).

All in all, will lead to:

I don’t care much about the legal side, but I do about the moral side. I’d instantly ban this attempt, even if I personally hate PUBG and its developers with every cell. The world doesn’t need more dishonesty in it.

Yeah, very dodgy.
If you’re gonna ask how to hack an UE4 based game, asking on the official UE4 forums is not a smart move.

You shouldn’t judge people like this. Yes, I got this line in a forum full of cheaters, but this does not make me one of them.You’re completely wrong. My intentions are to get the characters hitbox to be able to create an shooting range to train my aim in unreal without using any PUBG assets. You’re not the only one who hates the devs of PUBG, I also hate them for not putting on a training mode while they change the stats of the weapons every week.
Btw sorry if my post is agains the rules of this forum.