UnrealLightmass crash


Every time I build the lighting in 4.2, I get an error stating that Lightmass cannot be run due to an incompatibility with 64-bit windows.

It is a brand new installation of Windows 7… with only Unreal Engine on it built purely for Unreal Development!

I am a bit pee’d off, to say the least… I only built the machine because I was tired of the constant crashing using 4.1 on my iMac, and thought the PC version might be more stable!

Anyway, moan over! :slight_smile:



Fixed my own issue… in the end, I went to C:\Users*YourUsername*\AppData\Local\UnrealEngine\4.1\Saved\Swarm\ and deleted the SwarmCache folder. Unreal recreates it when you next build.

I got the idea from this thread: Why is SwarmAgent crashing after failing to connect to Swarm? - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

(Despite the fact that I had a different error to the one originally on that thread)