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I visit quite often. However, periodically I have an issue with it’s login system.
Sometimes (after you don’t visit for long) it will just explicitly log you out for no reason, leaving your waiting and staring into “Logging out…” page, then you have to click “sign in”, then wait again for “Logging in…” and redirects you to feed (and not to the page I were about to visit from google). That could be even 60 second delay.
That workflow isn’t really modern. Maybe it’s somehow possible to simplify login procedure like 99% of other services already did, or at least, remove “Logging out…” page?

The login “Redirecting…” is also quite useless and archaic, I can’t really comprehend why does it send us to a page, the only task of which is to send us to the destination page :smiley:

True story. It’s also strange that there’s no forum dedicated section here. Who to complain?

This already became a “recommended” page on my Chrome front page because every time I visit any page from Epic’s domains after some 30 minutes minimized, this s**t happens.
I feel like this is driving people away from Unreal’s pages/forums and everyone is flocking towards reddit now.

The best part after forced logout and login again, I can’t access the forums! yay!

Are you all still encountering this issue? We’ve made a few changes to try and address this, but I wanted to check with you all.

Yes, it’s still happening on Chrome and this is absurdly annoying.

Just happened:

“Signed out. Please try again”, clicked back and reentered search in docs, “logging out…” “redirecting…”, then I signed in and got threwn here: Feed - Unreal Engine

yep, still happens every few days

Yes this happens continuously and it makes it a real pain looking up things on the forum

Using FireFox 72.0.1 64bit it happens continuously as well.

Yes, happens constantly. I have to re-login about 8-10 times a day. Happens on UnrealEngine, on Marketplace and here on Forums. Does not happen in Epic Launcher though.

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Yes, still happening. Quite a lot actually.

Also, could you please fix the just unacceptable 1000 limit on the Launcher for customers assets? It is just absurd that either free or paid assets bought by customers are disappearing after you got more than 1000 overall and so in practice it is impossible to download them. And there are no other ways to download them other than thru the Launcher.

Same here, Chrome. Usually when I want to enter a marketplace/forum link -> ~‘Logging you out’ -> needs to log in -> redirects me to the main feed after logging in.

To workaround this problem I close any forum tabs before going to News or Marketplace pages.
Reduced the logout, but sometimes still happens anyway.

Please fix this insanity!

I understand your frustrations. This impacts me too, and I’ve started keeping a log of the occurrences to help in understanding the frequency and scope.

Even more frustrating is that I have to 2-factor authenticate a lot of times on computers I’ve already authenticated in the past week or so.

Why does it happen at all? Integration issues between site’s and forum’s login systems?

I use the same browser on the same computer that only I use, and I still get this (ip add hasn’t changed either). Seems really buggy and annoying.