Unreal with oculus integration: light quality different after packaging

I integrated my project with the oculus plugin, to have access to the functions needed to be able to publish it, but after the integration I found a couple of serious problems.

The splash screen between the loading of one level and another, instead of standing still as it should, towards the end of the loading, begins to flash, until you have an epileptic fit.

The most serious problem, however, is the rendering of lights and shadows after packaging:

When I play the game from the editor, the lights work properly, as I see them after the lightmap build.

After I packed the game instead, the shadows of the lights are too black, as if the diffused sky light were missing, making it almost impossible to see anything in the areas in a bit of shade.

The project is obviously in forward shading, but it has always been, and has never given problems.

I think I solved the problem.
Integrating the oculus plugin has set the “hidden in game” flag of the skylight already inserted in the scene by default.
This is outrageous.

Ok, no. It doesn’t work anyway. Maybe the integration changes other flags in the project… I’m going to check all the f… objects in the scene.