Unreal Water Plugin 4.26 transforms to 0,0,0 in build only

In editor everything is fine, but when I build my project, the water (custom water version) is moved to 0,0,0 systematically.
Any way to fix this problem?
I have tried to assign the water material to a plane and it does the same.

I have found the answer of my own question. You have to edit Water_Material (the master material) and just before the water material exit, insert a getMaterialAttribute, extract the the world position offset and add/sub whatever value you need to set your water at a different level from 0.
Unreal Water Material 4.26 assume that you are at 0,0,0, but it is not always the case (if you use M4 Magic Landscape Material for instance you will have your water at -21000).

Hi, They already add this in 4.27, but I have the same problem, can’t see my waterbody for a lake when build the project. Do u have any idea why? Location of the Lake is 16000,-20000,680.