Unreal Vive Setup

Hello, I last worked with Unreal / HTC Vive in around 2016, and I remember things being very easy to setup, but I’m having some difficulty remembering how to get started.

I’m trying to setup a quick demo with the headset and basic controller movement to navigate a scene. Are there any starter content blueprints that I can drop into the scene to get a simple player character that can navigate?

I’ve tried loading the VR template and running VR preview, and I can look around with the headset, but movement with the controllers doesn’t seem to work. Is there a walk-through for this somewhere, or am I missing a simple option?

Thanks in advance for answering a very basic question.

Update: I don’t know if either of these will help me, but I’ve seen that there is a SteamVR Input plugin, and I’ve installed and activated it, but not much seems to have changed. I’ve also tried the VRexpansionPlugin from Mordentral, but it wouldn’t compile.

I still feel like I’m missing something fundamental, as I’ve gone back through tutorials and old projects, and there used to be a blueprint in the starter content called VRPawn, which I now can’t find anywhere. I’ve tried a bunch of things and My HTC Vive controllers are just don’t seem to work in UE4 (they are working in other programs). Did Unreal just cancel support for this at some stage? Seems very strange that even my old projects that used VRPawn now don’t seem to have that available.

Also, the documentation doesn’t solve much. Here are the pages I’ve looked at:

However, the motion controller setup in the second link requires the VRpawn, and this just doesn’t seem to be available anywhere.

Any help or pointers would be appreciated.

Hello, sorry to keep bumping. Can anyone can offer any info on what happened to the VR pawn blueprint, or provide tutorials or similar that uses the HTC Vive without it?

Hello, For anyone else getting issues, this page solved the initial problem of the controllers not appearing - it turns out they were stuck on the floor because the VR template was missing an update. The solution was here: Vive Motion Controllers stuck to floor in 4.19 Preview 5 - UE4 AnswerHub

So I can now see my controllers/hands in VR, but movement/teleportation is still not working. I’m guessing there’s another blueprint I have to update somewhere for that. I’ll start looking, but if anyone can point me in the right direction, I’d appreciate it.

Hi, Samuel Thomson

I hope all your issues were fixed. I am pretty new to this and was wondering how to connect HTC Vive with UE4 and move around.
I would really appreciate any help or leads.

Thanks in advance!

This forum is pretty much useless, very rarely do people reply, you’ll have more luck at the Facebook Unreal Virtual Production group, sometimes an immediate answer, if you’re not a member, PM me and i’ll send you an invite).