Unreal, Visual Studio 2022 and Rider

Hello, anyone using VS 2022 and Rider with Unreal? I’ve formatted my computer and installed both, visual studio because of the dev tools and Rider to be used as the IDE and now I’ve lost the usability of double-clicking on some nodes and going to cpp. It always appear this popup.


Anyone knows how to fix this?

I’m using Unreal 4.26.2, VS 2022 and Rider for Unreal 2021.2.1 my source code config is:

I’m not using rider, but I think I read somewhere that you’re meant to be using vs2019 with unreal engine for the best compatibility? might want to try installing that one


Yes, (probably)…
Don’t use VS2022, YET. I use(d) VS2019 for a longer time now, without any problems. But when I switched to VS2022, a lot of trouble. I had to switch back to VS2019 again. VS2022 was still in beta at that time. Not sure if it still is, though. I guess the engine has to be prepared for VS2022 first also. Like, when you still want to do anything at this point with UE4.15.3, you need to use VS2015.


VS2022 It’s out officially now, but I’ve received official comment of Unreal saying it’s not supported yet. So yeah, will wait install VS2019 for compiling :stuck_out_tongue:

thank guys

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Anyone by any chance figured out if it is possible to make 4.26.2 and VS 2022 be friends? It wont package my project it wanst 2019 but I dont want to install 2019.