UNREAL UE4 - Remove only 1 widget instead of all widgets, how?

Hi, i use several widgets at same time, menu and other carácter widgets, but to remove one, i have to remove all because of “remove all widgets” node… but i dont want to remove all widgets, just the one i loaded last for the carácter withouth loosing the main menu widget, but how?


“Remove From Parent” is used to remove widgets from other widgets and viewport.

Perfect , it worked… I added remove from parent, then “get all widgets of class” and selected the widget to delete

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thanks!!it worked for me too!!

Just as reminder:
Better do not remove a widget from parent, when it is used multiple times, like Menue Screens or PopUps… etc
better make them invisible (Set Visibility to Collapsed/hidden). And make em Visible when used again.
That saves some memory and streaming time.

If you need to get all widgets of class, but only the active ones, Do so and check for IsVisible, to select only the Visible ones.

You can save the widget in a variable when create the widget.

The get all widgets of class is what I was looking for. Jesus thank you. Took me 4hrs to find this