UNREAL UE4.20 - Niagara - How to create an explosion VFX with Niagara?

Hi, with Little information, documentation and cero video tutorials for Niagara effects like explosions with sparks, nuke bomb effects and fire… i wonder how to create them with Niagara? I have been playing around with the engine, smoke its pretty easy, but an explosion effect… i belive we have to create this extra push forces and sparkles from the particle update, but… since no tutorial at all, has some one achieve this?

Please share images and ideas on how to achieve this FX! also if you can start making YouTube video tutorials much appreciated.

Help please!

Have you checked content examples project for clues? It has Niagara map which contains some usage examples. There is also this section available which shows you some stuff that I think is handy creating any effect. In addition Epic recently did Twitch stream where they introduce the Niagara.

When it comes to creating actual explosion effect I would approach it by splitting the effects into smaller parts (such as smoke “puff”, sparks etc.) and then combine these separate emitters into single system. However as the documentation page states Niagara is still early access and very fresh which explains the lack of tutorials and documentation for it. Using early access features often require lots of experimentation and patience to get things done. As an example I spend couple of days to get weapon muzzle effect created and to be spawned from C++