Unreal Tutorial Particle System doesn't seem to have any actual fire?

Been going through the tutorials and my firepit really doesn’t look like theirs when it comes to the fire!


Seems like the texture is missing -> is it the one from the starter content? Make sure that you have everything in the right folder, otherwise you will loose the reference to the textures and meshes. When you want to use them in your own project, make sure that you use the migrate feature (right click on the asset that you want - migrate - choose the new project - ok -> but keep the folder structure) :slight_smile:

I have this problem too…

When I tried the solution offered by fighter53467 is states the following:
Error Unable to migrate Engine asset Engine/Tutorial/SubEditors/TutorialAssets/TutorialParticleSystem.uasset. Engine assets cannot be migrated.

Any other ideas?

-have you probably tried to migrate it into a previous version?
-I will check if I get the same error :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

Also keeping an eye on this thread. I have the same issue.

I’ll let you know if I make any progress resolving it.

I have the same problem :confused:

Sorry for the dumb question, but where can I find this fire so that I can test it? (then I can send you guys a fixed version of it) :o
Is it the one from the starter content?

Same problem here

the path is

Engine content—>Tutorial----->Subeditors---->Tutorial Assets

Can you explain how to link the texture again please ?

Thanks !

Ah, ok, you mean this one ^^

-open the particle system
-switch to the content browser and select the “M_smoke_subUV_blackbody” material
-go back into the particle system - click onto “required” - add the material
-now it should work :slight_smile:

THANK YOU!!! This worked for me :smiley:

Thanks ! after some minutes I succeeds fixing that. when i search “M_smoke_subUV_blackbody” it didn’t show up in the content browser, then I realize it was in the same subfolder of the particle.

Thank you !!!

To those possibly confused about “where” in the Particle System editor (you can double-click “TutorialParticleSystem” to edit it) to add the material. You would use the “Emitter” category (usually the bottom-left screen has categories of things) after clicking onto “Required”. :slight_smile: Thanks for the information.


Thank you sir! Very helpful!