Unreal Training for Educators

I’m a media arts and technology teacher at a high school in California. My background is in graphic design and media but my students were asking for a video game class so I found a course from another high school and integrated it into my program. I got to spend a week shadowing at Visceral studios, and spent about one year learning Unreal Engine, Maya, and texturing via online tutorials and guidance from some people at Visceral. I am now five years into this and feel like I have a lot of it down, but there is always so much more to learn. Visceral (now defunct) was a part of EA and used the Frostbite engine so I could only learn so much from them about that.

I would love an opportunity to spend a day, a few days, or even a week going through some sort of intense training program for educators that teaches the most important aspects of unreal engine. I know that I can learn so much online through tutorials but to be able to sit down with someone who really knows the industry and could help me learn what it is my students need to know to get into a career in video games would be invaluable. I am incredibly proud with the progress my students have made over the years and I would jump on an opportunity to connect with a professional and get some one on one guidance.

If you’ve watched every livestream, or video you have a degree in Ue4. lol. Happy 1000th video btw Unreal Engine. I think it would be cool if they had a type of train the trainer by epic staff.

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For sure, there’s lots of videos floating about, but I don’t know if its the right format for working with Unreal Engine and C++ for example. So definitely it’d be great to see an intensive 1-week / 2-week course for Trainers and for Intermediate-Game-Devs or Advanced-General-Devs looking to skill-up… Could even be offered by Epic partners, as long as its scrutinized by Epic once in a while.

Creating plugins… Say you had a project that called for creating a Blueprint-Node that worked like the BP-Math-node, but instead took lines of Python and accepted and returned values. Along with building from source and installing Visual Studio (because both of those can be hell sometimes with lots of obscure errors and inconsistencies especially working with different versions etc).

But better than that, how about a Linux and Unreal Engine & C++ intensive course… Now that would be worth paying for, as long as it covered everything from IDE install to building from source, along with practical Plugin projects, such as creating Blueprint helpers that let you save out a Datatable to XLS / CSV etc…

Bonus points if the course was held in multiple regions or on neutral ground such as Europe etc. As getting devices seized and / or just dealing with TSA / US border control can be unpleasant…

It would be awesome. A class on converting your prototyped blueprint into c++ would get a lot more people into pure code, and a lot of these larger indie projects could witness performance upgrades.