Unreal SunSky BP flickers due to math error

I was seeing pops/flickers when using the SunSky BP and driving the Solar Time through keyframes in Sequencer. I noticed there seemed to be some math error which affected the rotation of the directional light when the float from the sequencer keyframes neared whole numbers

I’m not super mathmatical to understand was wrong but the issue seems to be in converting solar time to hours minutes and seconds. Any small issues in the resulting elevation caused a pop in the directional light rotation. I fixed the pops by removing the +0.5 at the end of the “Get HMS from Solar time function”

Thank you for putting this fix here! Hopefully the devs see this and sort it out.

Saved me a big headache!

Thanks for finding this!

Thank you for this! It was driving me mad and I tried all sort of things until I found your post. Many thanks!