Unreal Studio?

I am new to Unreal. So sorry about this question.
I heard people talking about Unreal Studio for Arch Viz.

Is this something else than the Unreal Engine?

Thank you so much for any further information and clarification!

You probably should do a quick search online before asking something that’s easily answerable.

You take the time to post a useless answer - in that time, and the one sentence you wrote… you could have given a simply answer. I would not have posted it, if I would have already found the answer online.

after googling “unreal studio” clicking the very first link, reading past the first paragraph, we get this: “Unreal Studio includes access to Unreal Editor, a powerful real-time tool for creating photorealistic scenes and immersive AR and VR experiences.” and “Datasmith is the workflow toolkit in Unreal Studio that enables you to seamlessly import your data into Unreal Editor.” both have learn more links. from this we can extrapolate that unreal studio/datasmith is a set of tools to help with importing scenes that are made in 3d programs. something that would take hours and sometimes days can be bulk exported/imported with everything already setup. they even have a nice little animations showing this on the site.

Thank you very much. Unfortunately, I am confused about that. When downloading the Epic Launcher, and installing the latest Unreal Engine - it doesn’t give me any different options besides installing Unreal.

So is it then just a different license?
You have a license for Unreal Gaming and one for Unreal Studio?

I also don’t see any additional options or features in the Unreal Editor - besides the Datasmith Plugin.
Or is it just that? Does just the Datasmith Plugin make the difference in the “naming” calling it Unreal Studio?

It’s very confusing for a rookie and I still couldn’t find any clear differentiation explaining the difference between Unreal & Unreal Studio.

Thank you so much for any further clarification - I really do appreciate that!
Cheers & happy pixeling!

yes it is another license, but it is free while still in beta. it isn’t a new renderer or program, everything is still done in unreal engine. for arch viz stuff it can be faster and easier to create and layout a scene in say maya with all it’s advanced tools, or someone might have all the skills to do offline renders in maya including setting up all the materials and lighting, but lack the ue4 skills to replicate it. datasmith is just a conduit to get all your work from 3d software into ue4, it won’t make your stuff look any better than what can already be done with the base editor, it just makes it faster/easier to import.