Unreal Studio Multi User Viewer Problem


I use the Multi User Viewer Template from Unreal Studio.
Everything works fine with the Viewer I create the session. But if I connect from a Oculus Quest (I open ip by pressing a button on the controller) there occur some problems. I can not teleport. The teleport beam appears, but cuttet, it looks like there is no navigation info, but it is, I use the MotionControllerMap (I migrated the Multi User Viewer Project to the VR Template).
2nd problem is that the right hand is tracket on the left hand. I can move the right hand by itself but it also gets moved by the left hand. I have taken a video to show.
I cannot find out what’s the problem.

I use the integration version of ue4 from oculus, version 4.22.3

Hi **sandermann,**have you solve your issues?