Unreal Studio is Launched and available! (new dedicated forum section)

Is Unreal Studio available for both Windows and Mac?

Only Windows right now, but we’re looking into what we need to do for Mac support. As you probably know, the engine is already available on the Mac.

Need help before November to decide.
1.¿It will be a way to import BIG SCENES from Maya to Unreal Studio with Datasmith?? (Maya 2016 > Datasmith > Unreal Studio)
2. From the papers&tutorials i readed that Unreal-Game-Scene MUST be converted to Unreal-Studio-Scene… In this case, ¿could be exported to the Game Scene after, or are they incompatible??
3. We loose a lot of time exporting FBX from Maya to Unreal when building big environments. ¿¿¿Is there a way to use the Live Link Plugin(I think it comes only with standard UE4.19) with Maya non-characters objects???

Thanks in advance.

re: big scenes
Datasmith already handles scenes with 20,000+ objects and 100M+ polygons, it does assume you have a computer with at least 32Gb for something like that. When we build the Maya version, it should be same capability.

re: game scene?
You don’t have to perform anything special related to using data created by Datasmith. It is just a UE4 asset like all other UE4 assets. You cannot use a source-code compiled version of the engine, if that is what you mean. Datasmith only works with the binary we release.

re: new Maya Live Link
That only works with animation data AFAIK.

I do like the Unreal Studio /w Datasmith setup, it will make things easier to work with.
But what about animation?

We often import CAD data into our 3D application for cleanup, grouping parts and animation.
After that it’s shading, rendering and the likes.

How would Studio/Datasmith deal with this? Can I somehow link animation to the parts imported with Datasmith? If so, that would be very interesting.

Anyone can shed some light on this, as I couldn’t find any information on this in the docs or otherwise.




Did you miss the whole Learning section we created? Epic Games

Working on animation support. It is a lot trickier than static geometry.

I can imagen :wink:
Cheers for the headsup, will keep a close eye on all this.

And just saw V-Ray for Unreal as well. Exiting times!!!

more like when a octo tesla card setup is affordable. Right now you have to be a billionaire.

Hi all,
I have tried to install the studio version, but it asks for another installer during install, EpicGamesLauncherInstaller-2.7.2-2784597.msi. I can’t find that anywhere on the internet, and places that do seem to have it, don’t seem to be very legit. So the Studio-installer tells me that the files can’t be installed and closes…

But I seem to have Datasmith installed as a plugin for 4.19…

But once I start up 4.19 and am in the editor, it still looks like a regular install.
Under plugins, all the datasmith plugins are greyed out.
So I don’t seem to have Studio?

I have downloaded EpicInstaller-7.7.0-enterprise-429a034782f14db9818f57430be13e1f.msi
from the mail I got from Unreal studio ( and the file is 31544 KB in size.
Seems legit to me, but the installer doesn’t seem to work for me.
Any help?


We support Solidworks 2017 for sure, and we’ll support Solidworks 2018. Our docs are wrong, so I’ll get that fixed.

Cryengine isn’t that demanding.

Datasmith is incredible, i wish we had a similar option on the mainstream UE4 branch. Could be pretty useful to iterate on levels of my game. Being able to export a full scene, and having it all setup properly in UE4 is amazing.


I am still a bit confused because I am having hard time finding out clear definition of differences between Unreal Engine and Unreal Studio.

The way I understand it, Unreal Studio main difference is that instead of game sales royalties, you pay monthly subscription but do not have an obligation to pay 5% royalty off of the jobs done with it. On top of that, Studio contains Datasmith exporter, Learning Resources, official support and some random substance stuff.

But just to make sure, my questions are:
1, Are there any features omitted from Unreal Studio in comparison to UE4, or does Unreal Studio contain every single feature of UE4 + more stuff on top?

2, Is there any possibility of future removal of some features from Unreal Studio to prevent it from being used to produce games, or game-like content?

3, In future development, are there any plans to make certain features exclusive just for Unreal Studio? By those I mean core features such as rendering capabilities, blueprint capabilities and so on. Not auxiliary features such as exporters (datasmith) or learning resources.

4, Will the release cycle of Unreal Studio be in sync with UE4? Or will Studio users sometimes have to lag behind in feature set because the features are already ready for UE4 but not yet ready for Unreal Studio?

5, Is it possible to produce content, which can not be clearly defined as either a game or a visualization/entertainment even with UE4 (non studio version) and still use the “5% royalty after a first quarter in which the content earnings exceed $3000” model?

#1 Unreal Studio sits on top of UE4, so you’re not missing anything.

#2 The plan is to keep things this way. We’re not trying to trick you into doing something you’ll regret.

#3 I don’t have a crystal ball, but there is no plan take anything away you already have in UE4. How could we possibly answer this question for an infinite future? What is “core” to you might not be “core” to the guy next to you.

#4 Pretty much in sync, but we have to lag a little (weeks) to make sure of quality in Studio features. Previews of Engine will often include some, but not all Studio features. Previews won’t be complete (per definition).

#5 Don’t know. Probably need to be very specific about what you’re talking about and give a clear example.

I followed the instructions as mentioned in the video for the installation but it doesnt seem to work the visual studio tab in the new project section does not show and the datasmith icon in the menu is not there as well. any ideas please ?


Are you sure you’re using the same epic account you registered for unreal studio?

Hi All,

I have a question about Unreal Studio. Might be very silly and probably due to the fact that I am a newbie in Unreal.
I have successfully installed Unreal Studio and imported my scene with Datasmith.
Everything works fine, I save the work and close Unreal.
When I go back to it and reload my project the scene is empty. What is the reason?

Is it because it is a beta version so incomplete or am I doing something wrong?



I think it will help you to watch some videos on how projects work in Unreal Engine. Epic Games

Hi, I am totally new to unreal…but would like to use it for Architectural Visualization and maybe bring to VR. My questions is, what are the differences between Unreal Studio and Twin Motion? the pro & Cons? I am modeling mostly in Revit.
Thanks in advance.