Unreal Studio is Launched and available! (new dedicated forum section)

Unreal Studio is now officially released. [](

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What is the difference between this and the normal unreal? Just the data toolkit to bring in more formats? The sizzler video has some very sharp crisp renders, is there some new tech for AA and rendering out videos?

Enterprise would probably benefit from a more specific engine content folder and templates, also realtime GI.

I am stupid excited to go try this out :slight_smile:
One tiny thing.
“How much will Unreal Studio cost?
Unreal Studio will be $49/month per license when purchased under an annual subscription.”
Please don’t misunderstand. I absolutely love unreal. I have done my best to promote the heck out of it. Datasmith was awesome. I was prototyping a project for a friend at SpaceX.
But unless there is a similar system as UE4 for payments only taking a percentage of the profits, I will not be using Unreal Studio. I understand it can be difficult to track sales with this product. But as an indi developer $49 a month is far to steep for what will only be a cad importer for my uses.
Again, please don’t misunderstand. I love UE4 and I think all the hard working folks over there at Epic are amazing and awesome and are wizards.
I am just putting in my 2 cents and asking please come up with an alternative pricing solution more inline with promoting it to people that dont have money to start with that can later pay once they have profit. Thats why UE4 has done so well in the last few years. Don’t forget that Unity was absolutely crushing the market before Epic decided to make UE4 open to the entire public.
Again, Just my two cents. I am probably totally blind in a certain area and will be totally flamed for saying anything. Also, of course Epic is completely entitled to do what ever it wants to do and I will deal either way and still be totally jazzed to create things on UE4. :slight_smile:
I hope all is grand and shiny

Honestly, if even an indy developer doing viz work isn’t pulling enough in to cover $49 a month then they’re probably not the target market.

Real Time GI LOLOLOLOL When Pigs Fly

I don’t think there are new rendering tech in this. It’s just tools to simplify the workflow.

jojo8026, Have you never heard of VXGI? And yes I’m sure a billion dollar company has pc’s to do realtime gi.

I tried out unreal studio today but datasmith does not seem to work for solidworks assemblies?

Am i doing something wrong? I followed the guide and when i import parts from solidworks it works but there are no materials. When i try to import assemblies they fail 90% of the time.
Datasmith gives no error but i get a folder without geometry or materials.

Couple things:

  1. Datasmith CAD importer is only grabbing color information from the material (a limitation of this first version)
  2. Datasmith does support Solidworks assemblies and many people in Beta have used it for that. You may have a bug, so please report it.

Will we be seeing a 3ds Max Exporter plugin for version 2015??? As of today, I see it only goes as far back as 2016. A rather devastating discovery as I have had no plans to upgrade beyond 2015. I’ve been using 3ds Max since the days of it’s DOS version, and sadly feel like it’s really no longer worth the price Autodesk demands. As it is, Unreal Studio at $50/mth is more than what my Max maintenance cost used to be. I don’t have so much a problem with that. I think it will be worth it and there is a lot of room for advancement. Whereas Max is basically mature. There have been pathetically few features released in the last 5 years that benefit the ArchViz workflow to make it worth is $2050/yr price tag. Not that I can’t afford it… it’s more a matter of principle. I’ve already paid for my Max license, and years of maint. fees. I already own the rights to use the software. Bahhhhhhhhh… I’ve gotten on my soapbox, and need to step down. I’m just rather miffed that, effectively, I feel like I will be paying $2650/yr for Datasmith.

Bottom line is, I’m super disappointed I can’t start experimenting with Unreal and Datasmith. Can someone please tell me if there are any plans to release a 2015 Exporter plugin??


Here’s the problem, you have no plans to move forwards. Are we to support 3ds Max 2015 for the next 5-10 years? Even when the tools to create plugins for 3ds Max 2015 are no longer available? It’s a dead-end for us. We can’t support every version of 3ds Max from 2015 and on, with all the various versions of V-Ray and Corona included for every release of Datasmith. It’s inevitable that you’ll be disappointed eventually when we are forced to drop 3ds Max 2015 in a couple years because something broke in the development environment. I don’t think we want to create a bunch of angry users that way.

This is what I have been waiting for so long. Can we get a full tutorial course on how to use the datasmith? Just want to make sure we don’t missed any steps…
Thanks ahead.

Ok, I got all excited when I imported a Solidworks model and it came in fine, created UV’s (!!), and the material in Unreal looked great. But I tried to open a 2018 file and it crashed. Looking in the docs, it mentions only Solidworks 2014 is supported. I had tested with an old file. So is this truly the case? I’d be surprised if anybody uses Solidworks 2014 in the year 2018 since Solidworks pushes out the latest to subscribers every year. Also there is no way to save out to an earlier version. So do I have this correct? I hope not, as it’s fantastic software, but only loading 4 year old files is a non-starter.

Anyone know if there is a path to bringing the plug-in current? Or maybe another workflow that will allow import from Solidworks including the auto-UV function? Having to UV 100’s of models from Solidworks to be able to work in Unreal is the unbreakable barrier for me. Thanks.

Hi there ,
I have subscribed to datasmith and downloaded the launcher,but i cant install datasmith to the engine ,
it says ,no compatible Engine installed ,i am working on4.18.3.
as you can see on my screenprint i cant install 4.19 . its simply not there anymore ???

First of all, awesome tool!

I was wondering if we can use the Datasmith import tool on runtime?


solved , i could install 4.19:)

Click on Engine Versions “+” and select 4.19.

I can’t seem to find where to download the Turbosquid ArchViz Scene used in the video Tutorials.
Can you please post a link?
Thanks for your help.

I don’t know that we can provide a Turbosquid scene to everyone. Did it say that we could? @chrismmurray_EG might clarify.