Unreal studio for blender?

Hello are you guys interested in planning to incorporate blender in the new datasmith / unreal studio program?

Yes, it would be nice !
As a blender user, I would appreciate it, too !

Yes please, would be very helpful!

I totally agree here, some Blender support will be very welcome :slight_smile:

yesss would be awesome!

Yes Please. I would be willing to help any way I can to make this thing happen. I want to be able to take my Blender + VRay scenes into UE4 just like I’m doing for my MAX + VRay trials right now. I love this ArchViz stuff, but Datasmith alone–as awesome as it is–isn’t enough ito warrant a MAX sub. just to use it.

i would like that too. i use 3ds max and blender but i use blender for my work, 3ds max is horribly slow compared to blender so i wont switch for unreal studio.

Even it’s not an industry standard (thanks to autodesk), Blender is now (since few years) more faster and efficient than 3DS MAX/MAYA. Should be a good partnership to support blender.

Yes, i’d love that, too.

Yes, please!! :slight_smile:

I met EU4 and abandoned Cycles. UE4 is sensational. Datasmith with a plugin for Blender … a revelation !!!

Yes, it will certainly be nice.

Even though we have a 3D Studio Max license, I’d put my vote towards this as well.

As I mentioned in another thread, if you have a Max license, you can already sort of do everything Datasmith offers, but if you only have Blender, then you absolutely need Datasmith.

Perhaps you could even use Gltf2 instead of FBX for the bridging? It would be great for 3D software in general if Autodesk’s dominance would lessen.

Yes I just was looking for support as well!! Please. I can’t understand why something like SketchUp is supported but not Blender… I mean who uses SketchUp to design stuff you’d want to import into Unreal??? is there really someone designing games or similar with SketchUp?^^ Must be a joke :smiley: or I am missing something

I have had instances where I needed to import a SketchUp file though not for gaming. At work I use 3D Max typically but I would also like to see a plugin for Blender. More and more as Blender ages I am finding myself using it more than Max, and that with no yearly fee.

Yes! This would be extremely useful. I use blender frequently, and i can imagine there are plenty of Indies who can’t afford an Autodesk seat out there who would want this too.

There is some activity to create this exporter by someone other than us. Stay tuned.

@kenpimentel I was just about to add my vote for blender support. Thank you for the info! Please give us more when you know. I couldn’t locate the third-party exporter you’re talking about.

I will ask him to post on this thread when he has something you can test with.

Yes please, that would be awesome!