Unreal Sources Compile For Linux Error

I Have donloaded git sources of Unreal and trying to compile it for Linux using instructions:

But after compiling Visual Studio gives me the error that windows.h file not found

I have tried to compile it for win64, and with this config everything is ok, but Linux config wont compile at all. What could be wrong?

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I guess this might be caused by several reasons like erroneous defines or a mistakenly selected or configured project for the build. While it´s clear that a Linux project should not include Windows headers its hard to figure out the reasons for that just from the generated errors. So it would be great if you could also provide the log of your build.

Thanks for the log. The error occurs in the BootstrapPackagedGame program which has the purpose to check for the prerequisites of UE4 and run UE4PrereqSetup_....exe if required. This is a Windows-only project and you should be good to go just not to build it for Linux or ignoring the error.

I hope this helps, although I´m wondering why it is trying to build it in your setup anyways.

Here is my log from Visual Studio:
link text

Exactly. Just disable the project in the Configuration Manager in VS. Please note that you will have to do this again if you might have to re-generate your project files in the future.

You mean to exclude BootstrapPackagedGame from compiling for Linux?
I`ve just excluded it and it worked, that realy helped me.
Thank you a lot for your help!

Ok, I`ll keep it in mind, thanx again!