unreal SM 5.0 render system for android (desktop renderer for android HOW????)

Hi everyone,

I was wondering what steps need to be done to get desktop renderer to work on an android device, i’ve tried a lot of things but since the final 4.26 i don’t get it to work.
I have a snapdragon 865+ device. So i assume it wont be the hardware. Anyone got it to work. People at epic any help for us?


I don’t think you can do that the default tools available on the Editor. For mobile, I hope it will always choose ES3.1.
Maybe there’s something you can do by tweaking the source code or something.

But that’s beyond my knowledge.

Thanks Arunodas this does keep the question actual. I worked with es3.1 to until a few years back now i turn of the option manually in the editor to get vulkan. Doesn’t do much though. There was a mobile SM 5.0 preview a while back but i can’t even find that option in 4.26 at this moment. Hope someone of epic reads the boards to.

I didn’t know about the SM5 demo. Curious to know the progress as well.