Unreal show errors that does not exist in VS2017

When I include library i get some unexpected weird errors and as you see the code compiled because i did nothing wrong but the compiler show these pseudo errors.

the real issue is, it makes it difficult to know whether there is genuine errors in my code or not as these errors do not go away unless i restart Visual Studio. I don’t want to waste time closing and opening VS multiple times every-time i use c+

these errors happen frequently when i edit header files or include libraries or add libraries using include or using macros

Anyone has an answer for this? it’s really annoying to have the engine showing hundreds of errors and the whole solution in red!! whenever i include some library or add code and i’m unable to tell whether i have error/typos in code before debugging!

Its not Unreal who shows you those Errors its VS Intellisense that is not smart enough to figure out whats going on. As for me I closed the Error log ages ago and just trust the Compiler Results and my own Skillset. You dont have to start your Game you just need to Build your Solution (Right Click YourProject → Build) if it succeeds you are all good.

You might also want to look into Visual Studio Assist. Its a Plugin thats way better than Intellisense with a lot of extra Features to a affordable price. Most UE4 Devs use it.