Unreal Shader .usf

Hello !

I still confused with the system that Unreal deployed to create our own Shader system. Why is it so hard to create Material Profile or Lighting Function ?
Unity let us easily create Shader without going into the Engine.

I think that it could be great if you have more informations for me ( and I think many other developpers) to know how to start with thoose Cpp and USF files.
I found tutorials like these one but still a bit undocumented

I’m sorry if I made mistake.

Thank you very much for your help ! :slight_smile:

Well it’s simply not possible to add a custom material shading model without modifying the engine source, it’s not even possible via plugin which is really unfortunate and disappointing.

I opened a thread in the feedback section about this but so far no reply.

Unity must indeed be way more flexible when it comes to shaders, I have not used Unity that much but as far as I have seen you pretty much just write a shader file and add it to your project folder… oh how I wish UE4 was like that :stuck_out_tongue: