Unreal Script about Texture Maps

Is it possible to write a script for Unreal Engine 4 about texture maps, in a way like if you add 5 texture maps in material editor of a particular material, to check if there’s “Roughness, Metallic and Occlusion” of a particular map and automatically connect the RGB nodes to the proper outputs.

For example, if you add 3 materials: Diffuse, Normal and RoughnessMetallicAO RGB, the script would uncheck sRGB like it’s supposed to be done and connect all maps to their proper places based on whether it contains “Diffuse” in name or “Normal” and etc.

I hope you understood my question.

Example to clarify:

And when you add it, the script checks their nameplates (names) and automatically connects them where they’re supposed to be.

That function could be coded in but it’s not something you can do with Blueprints, you’d have to edit the C++ code for the editor.

Oh, so it is possible. Great! Thank you!

Such a “script” can be found on marketplace. Search for “MatBatchUEr”.
Disclaimer: I have no experience with this tool and i do not own it.

Hmm, just checked this MatBatchUEr on the web, however I’m not sure will it be of any use for my purpose.
I’m using Substance Painter for texturing and I export Unreal Engine 4 (packed), which gives my RoughnessMetallicOcclusion as one map. So, if anyone has an experience with MatBatchUEr please share whether it connects RGB properly and unchecks sRGB and etc.