Unreal roomscale

Hi am having issues getting the player capsule to follow the HMD, I was able to get the capsule location proper, but not rotation. I also have issues with resetting the HMD position, the Oculus Quest 2 ignores everything I do and resets the entire world when reserved button is held. Has anyone conquered these issues yet?

I think the first issue you had was avoided because I’m using VREP (VR Essentials plugin).

For the second issue, if you are referring to the long press of the Oculus button on the right controller which acts as a reset view, I don’t think you can change it ; IIRC, Oculus’s guidelines indicate it will not pass the submission process if you change it.

Thanks for the help, it really is appreciated.

If you set tracking origin to (stage centered around play area) it solves both of MY issues as far as I can tell. I’m sure it will cause more down the road but I will burn that bridge before I cross it. I would have gladly disabled the long press and told Oculus how I felt about it, but I couldn’t figure out how (I was pretty frustrated LOL). Before I found stage centered tracking origin, I added “VR Notifications” component and from there I found a lot of useful delegates (oncontrollerreset) is called on the long press and in that case I, let it move/rotate char and then immediately put the char right back where he was after the oculus reset. There are also some other cool delegates to check out if you get interested (headset on, headset off, some others)

Anyways I am good enough for now THANKS

For room-scale rotation feel free to check out my tutorial here: VR Snap Turn with Room Scale Support Tutorial - Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube