Unreal Remote for Android/IOS

Hi. I have a suggestion: a mobile app that could permit you to test your games on your phone, without packing. UE4 streams video via cable or wi-fi to the phone, and the phone sends touch/sensors imput to UE4. Heard that something similar exists for UE3, UDK Remote, but only for IOS. An updated version with video streaming and Android support would be nice.

+1 for this.

Official support for this would be nice.

I was going to do simple proof of concept of this :slight_smile:

Any updates or future plans so far?

Definitely something that would be useful. I know the engineers have discussed working on something like this, however it’s lower priority than supporting more android devices and improving the mobile deployment workflows.

I would keep an eye on the roadmap rather than this thread.

Hey, I just made a plugin for this. It will work both Android and iOS devices. Also it is working via USB connection or Wi-Fi connection. Just waiting for approval by Epic :slight_smile:

Also you can see your game screen on your mobile device!

Will take this in account and make it using ports like UE4 WEBRTC