Unreal remote 2 - IPAD MINI?

So Unreal Remote 2 is great but it seems the only guide anywhere to be found only covers the interface / functionality on a ipad pro …does anyone know if there is a guide for using Unreal Remote 2 with an ipad mini? ;; functionality looks more limited on the mini - but not sure cause I cant find any documentation for minis
UNREAL DEVS: I wouldn’t overlook support - at least a little lol - for ipad minis;;;
::: its about the screen size::: ;
…Iphones are too small and likely to have interruptions - full ipads; a little too big to mount on your average DSLR - Ipad mini ::: the perfect size to mount to a DSLR as a VR field monitor / camera tracking monitor pls give up a little support for minis!

i get the same problem.
the ui in ipad mini 6 is too small, hope the epic release new version for ipad mini.
and the frame is blur in ipad as it is smooth in pc display, is there any solution on this?

The ‘blur’ is more likely due to the fact that for Unreal or any program to wirelessly connect to an ipad (or any wireless device for that matter) it has to highly compress the video. This is usually necessary in order to have smooth playback which is usually more important than the image being a little blurry. I am only guessing because this is only generally the case; maybe there’s something in the settings that you can change. But remember that using an ipad as a monitor is there mostly for practical purposes - like framing a shot , dialing in the virtual camera settings, and gauging whether or not you set up the virtual world in relation to your real world settings correctly - for starts. In other words take advantage of tools like that for what they are meant for, we can only expect so much before we get into high budget sets with a lot of dedicated equipment