Unreal Project Acoustics Python Problem?


Hi, as u can see it says that python is required but i have python enabled in the editor so what’s wrong ?!!


Hi GMAGames,

Looks like your OS might be blocking some .dlls

If you continue to have troubles, I think it’d be ok to post or link to your issue on the livestream thread too.


I had the same problem it’s not working with visual studio 2022 i need to install visual studio 2019 with “dev net” and then it’s going a step further, but i was not able to bake locally.

Hello. Yes, this is a common problem we’ve been seeing. It has to do with extra requirements when starting our plugin for the first time. You need to have VS 2019 installed, along with the 4.0 targetting pack, and the .NET desktop environment component installed in VS installer. See this post in our GitHub for more details about the workarounds. Project Acoustics UE5 troubles. · Issue #89 · microsoft/ProjectAcoustics · GitHub