Inside Unreal: Microsoft Project Acoustics UE5 Marketplace Plugin

This week we’ll be sitting down with and discussing Microsoft’s Project Acoustics! The use of it is similar to static lighting: bake detailed physics offline to provide a physical baseline, and use a lightweight runtime with expressive design controls to meet your artistic goals for the acoustics of your virtual world. Don’t miss out on the live Q&A!

Thursday, May 19th @ 2:00 PM ET - Countdown


Kyle Storck – Senior Software Engineer
Nikunj Raghuvanshi – Senior Principal Researcher
Noel Cross – Principal Software Engineering Lead - @duckfanNoel
Aaron McLeran - Lead Audio Programmer
Grace Yen - Senior Product Manager
Tina Wisdom - Community Manager - @TheUnWiseTina

If you’re unable to make the livestream, all episodes of Inside Unreal can be viewed afterwards on-demand .


Really looking forward to this, I was amazed when I saw the demo in the documentation. My main questions are specifically to do with its integration into Unreal:

  1. Does it support large worlds? If so, how does this affect baking/bake times and runtime cost?
  2. Does it support level streaming? World Partition?
  3. What kinds of geometry are supported? (for example does it support the water surface from the water plugin?)
  4. Is it possible to manually place volumes to generate probes in? In the documentation video from 2019 it’s noted that the navigation mesh is used to determine what areas will be accessible to the player in order to keep computations down. I’m just wondering if this will produce deadzones or something in areas without sufficient navmesh coverage? Can we manually place volumes to overcome this? Also what would it sound like in these places?
  5. Does scene complexity have any impact on runtime performance or is it primarily about the number of sound sources playing? Any particular notes about optimizing runtime performance?

This is amazing! I’m excited to start using this. Is there a possibility I can use this similarly to ModalLisp and get resonant objects in game as well as resonant spaces. (for reference)
thanks for the amazing work!!

-Gennaro Schiano

I assume it’s not compatible with PS4/5?

Yes, I so need to re-watch these YouTube replays as the mass of information and lots of talking from everyone (or person) stuns me. I do miss 90% of the meaning why they are there and what they are promoting. They are all so excited to be working with Unreal and breaking new grounds.

When I come back afresh the next day, I notice what was going through my mind the first time round (and hopefully I level up for next time).

Have a break everyone!