Unreal process has crashed:UE4-

Hello UE Team,
I am new to UE and it is the first time I’m installing UE.
I installed Epic games and then downloaded Unreal Engine 4.16. Once done, I launched engine by pressing launch on launcher.
But, unreal engine was unable to open, It crashes every time I try to launch the same. Then I installed older version 4.11 but the problem persists.

Please help in this regard.

The diagnostics files are uploaded on below location.


Thanks in advance,

I have the same problem :confused: it crashes on 45%

me to crash when startup

i have same problem

I had the same problem but it worked , here is a similar question with the answer :

If it doesn’t work then I think you have some corrupted files , try to install Visual Studio 2017. It worked for me

I have the same problem when it complete at 100% then it crashed while launching. Anyone please can you guide me what should I do