Unreal or Unity to develop VR Games ? So many questions..

Hello Unreal community !

I’m a student in Game Design. I’m going to do an internship in a company creating VR Game for my last year in school. For my last year in school, i need to develop all over the year a full game
so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and make my internship mission become my end-of-year project. My internship mission is to develop a VR fighting game (can’t say much about it cause of confidentiality).

Anyway, beside my skills as a game designer, i’m also into programming. I have a pretty good levels in C# and blueprints (i’ve done two years of C++ in my last science computing studies but it’s been a long time since i’ve touch to C++, but nvm i still have my courses and can read them back).

Now, i’ve never developped any VR Game. So i have some questions, and some answers to give to my superior.

First, which one of unity or unreal is the best to develop 3D dynamic games ? the easier ? the more powerful ?

Second, i’ve read that you need special SDK to develop VR games. Which one is the best ? the Oculus one or the HTC one ? Or some external VR SDK ?

Thank you so much for the answers, I can not thank you enough !

I tried using unity first, and got scared when I saw c# code. I ran away and found unreal

The blue prints system is revolutionary for imbicles like me who can’t code because my fat fingers can’t type correct and make Alot of mistakes . I would have stopped in frustration if I had to code

You just need a Vive or a Oculus I think the Vive has always been the better of the 2.

I see. I agree C# can be scary for coding beginners. But if i know how to code in C# (mostly for 3D / 2D PC game), does it change a lot. I know you can do a looot of things thanks to coding that you couldn’t if you were just using Playmaker for example (Playmaker is basically visual scripting like blueprints system on Unreal). But does it apply to Unreal ?

Anyway, since i haven’t code anything related to VR in my life, i assume i would be as a beginner too.

So basically i just need to build my game via Unreal like you build any games, and push it on my Vive or Oculus device ?

Thanks for your reply Pressure2000 !

C# in Unity is quite intuitive and easy to use if you can code. I used it with the Vive Pro and I liked it a lot, but it is hard to have a very good looking result.

I don’t have a lot of experience with unreal, i’m currently trying to use it to code a vr app for the oculus go and I don’t manage to make it work (can’t launch it on the device). I don’t know if the problem comes from unreal or the go though. Unreal is very good at making very beautiful result, but having basic knowlege of 3D helps a lot (i don’t and have little trouble with it). Blueprints are very easy to use, but less personalisable than code obviously. however there are so many different blueprints I think you would be limited only for very very specific tasks. I guess unreal might be more adapted for a fighting game because there are a lot of pre-made things, whereas you would have to start from scratch with unity !

So I’d say it depends on what kind of result you’re looking for ! Right, i think i may give me a month or two to use unreal for my VR app and see if i get some good result, if not i’ll take Unity and go on with it. Thanks for your reply !