Unreal Multiplayer - Rotate towards cursor issue

So like many other people in the past, as i have found in the past many hours of googling, i have been trying to create a multiplayer online top-down(ish) game that has each player controlling their character by; moving around with wasd, and rotating towards the player cursor.

I had got it working fairly well, up untlll i introduced player 2.

Now nomatter what i try, i cant seem to get the server to control the clients rotations using their own mouse cursor as coordinates. If any damned unreal wizard could help me out i might just kiss you.

I have tried many different set ups using all of my conjured brain power to try and tackle this beast. alas… no luck.

All of the obvious(to me) things such as running on server and multicasting replicatable data to clients etc, have been tried.

Got it working flawlessly with a “set control rotation setup” just let the engines natural rotation do the work.