Unreal Interior Virtual Tour

Hi everyone!

Finally i make a video for my unreal Sample scene. majority of models are from evermotion archinteriors but others are modeled with 3dsmax 2014 and marvelous designer.
30-50 fps in 1080p with 580GTX.


And here is the link for Demo: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B97igG_r0ykHcGlXS19MMFNJT1U/view?usp=sharing
(for windows 64bit)

Enjoy Yourself!

Virtual Tour Made by http://arsesstudios.com/
Epic Team: https://www.unrealengine.com
Models: Evermotion Archinteriors, http://www.evermotion.org
Music by: Yann Tiersen, Vivaldi, Abel Korzeniowski, Shigeru Umebayashi

Impressive rain effects! Very well-made!

congratulations, really an amazing job ! THe stills looks fantastic (are they “original”? …no postproduction outside Unreale?)


My jaw officially dropped!!! This deserves to be showcased by EPIC.
Can you tell us about your render time?

wowww! thanks guys:D really amazed by such a like this comments!

paoloverona: Yes, they are original…there are captured directly from 1080p video.

Adrien3D: thx man, the last time i rendered this scene was something about one month ago! with two or three computers for about 8 hours i think!:confused: the job is done for fun! too see how much we can go with Unreal Engine 4.

Wow, that’s awesome thanks for sharing!

Can you share a playable demo? I’d like to test the performance with my gtx 980.

as i said before this work is done just for fun! too see how much we can go with Unreal Engine 4 and scene is not optimized so that packaged project is 1.5 GB! as an example just wave sounds is 350 megabytes! by the way if i have time to optimize the scene i will inform you for sure;)

Looks incredible! Love love love your lighting. For camera-based flythroughs, I would suggest using the built in video export of Matinee for recording. I’ve never done Camtasia recording for the walking part, but the stuttering in the video is pretty annoying.

thx stephabon.
Finally i created another video and i fixed that issue! Hope you Enjoy.

could u share those rain effects with the community? :slight_smile:

Yes Of course! But wait till tomorrow!
I will share download link for Demo by tomorrow:D From there you can have the Footage if you mean that.

Hey guys.
as you requested, link for this demo added to the first post.
Enjoy your tour!

Very cool demo. I’ve just tested it. I’m getting 60-62 fps on my GTX 980. Only 2 things that bother me…is there no vertical synchro? I’m getting a lot of tearing. I also think the walk speed is a tad too slow. Otherwise, superb!

1- vertical sinc: yes you are right! I dont know but i accidentally turn it off!!! just go to this folder: …/final/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor, and open GameUserSettings.ini and correct this line: bUseVSync=True. thnx for your close attention.
2- I dont like that kind of game speed walk-throughs for this archviz subject.

Heeeyyyy now, this looks great!

, do you know who is the architect/ where is this apartment? I like it quite a lot.

60 fps with v-sync on. **** I like my gtx 980 :slight_smile: could record a matinee without performance loss with shadowplay too!!!

thnx Chance Ivey.

this is a scene from archinteriors 29. we just added a bedroom and bathroom!

Wow this is fantastic! Great result - well done :slight_smile: I also like the name of your studio “Arses Animation Studios”!