Unreal in 360º projection space


My company ( has just developed a Unreal camera rig that sends a 360º fov back to our 360 projection domes and cylinders. The camera is now a plug-in and can be dropped into most scenes Igloo Vision - 360º Unreal Engine on Vimeo it can also output stereoscopic 3D

We are looking for unreal users that have well developed, quality scenes that might want to see their work in 360. This could be games or visualisations. We demo to creative agencies, corporates, architectural firms etc on a daily basis so if you would like to get your work in front of lots of people let me know and we can discuss a collaboration.


Hi there,

I have a similar system but a 270 degree cylindrical projection and I am wondering how you made the 360 degree camera rig? I need this for a PhD project I am working on, for a helicopter training simulation. Any help would be appreciated!


Hey! We would love to try out the plugin. We had to develop a custom 360 camera for live fulldome output, but we have been looking for something serious to use.