Unreal For Loop increment is pre or post?

How this for loop works in ue4? pre or post incrementation?

for(int32 i = 1; i <=10; ++i)
 //some code

my code is correct?

Hey there @Alexa.Ki! The for loop post increments every time it loops through the body in blueprints, so this will index out
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
And then it will stop looping and output on the completed pin. Same with your C++ example.


Thank you sir for reply, and I think I am pre incrementing

++i // pre incrementing
i++ // post incrementing

I should use i++ // post incrementing according to my Blueprint Code ?

The fun part is that they both actually have the same output!
The reason this doesn’t matter in a for loop is that the flow of control works roughly like this:

  1. test the condition
  2. if it is false, terminate
  3. if it is true, execute the body
  4. execute the incrementation step

Unless I’m highly mistaken right now.


Just In normal C++ the things are more simple, this is why I GOT confused by BP for loop.

int i = 1;
int j = 1;

int k = i++; // post increment
int l = ++j; // pre increment

std::cout << k; // prints 1
std::cout << l; // prints 2

Post increment implies the value i is incremented after it has been assigned to k . However, pre increment implies the value j is incremented before it is assigned to l .

absolutely right

you could just add a Print Text node to the blueprint, and wire the Index to it, so you can see what it does.

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yes I did the same and found this is post incrementation i++