Unreal Film Jam | Sep 4 - Oct 19 | Theme: Oh, the places you’ll go

Have you been looking for a chance to show off your storytelling skills? Well, here it is; join and be a part of the first-ever Unreal Film Jam!

Create a short film or animated sequence based on the theme, “Oh, the places you’ll go” and enter for your chance at a package that includes: $5,000, personalized project reviews with Blur Studio (creators of Love, Death & Robots) and Epic Games, a feature on Unreal Engine’s blog, and more fantastic prizes.

Each submission will be reviewed by a panel of judges, consisting of members from both Blur Studio and Epic Games, on narrative, use of theme, overall aesthetics, and originality.

Many thanks to our sponsors Blur Studios, SideFX, and Quixel.

Get full contest details and submit your entry on the Unreal Film Jam page. Good luck!

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So excited for this! Love the idea of a film jam. Themes always force creative things to come out from me and i cant wait to see what others are working on!!!

Hey Everyone,

I am new to the unreal engine and I want to participate in Unreal Film Jam. Can anyone make it clear for me?

1 - It should be inspired by the theme: Oh, the Places You’ll Go! (a book was written and illustrated by children’s author Dr. Seuss). ?
2 - Can we have our OWN story that shows the journey of life and its challenges OR we have to animate the story of Dr. Seuss?

Please make it clear.


Hi Maryam,
Just as new as you, but pretty sure you got it right with your first interpretation.

The second one would lead to copyright infringement: Dr. Seuss lived until the early 90s and this was the last book he wrote.
This cute YouTube video was produced by Random House, who owns the publication rights.

Besides, one of the themes is about following your own path. So write a new story and show the places you’ll go!

In the rules it says : Submission may include sourced (non-original) assets, but the sourced (non-original) assets must be noted.

Does this mean we can use bought assets as long as we list them where they are from? (marketplace or any other 3D store)

Yes, because the rules also say: “indicate if the work is 100% original or if assets were sourced from an online marketplace.”

Hi Maryam, and welcome!

You are allowed to create your own interpretation of the theme, and we’re excited to see what you come up with. Don’t hesitate to ask more questions regarding the jam!

Can we use an editing software to assemble our final movie, like Premier Pro, or does the movie have to run from start to finish in real time in Unreal Engine 4? Do we have to provide a packaged .*Exe file besides the rendered movie upon request?

It is a little bit confusing since in the rules it says : Submission should not require any additional software to run.

But if we upload to Youtube, it goes without saying that there is no need for other software.

And it says that : Submission project files must be provided to Sponsor upon request.

Does this include only the Unreal Engine 4 project files ?


This is great idea,

just to clarify - it is rule - maximum 5 members of team, what about music and sfx, should it be included or excluded from this 5 members, especialy when it for example music is made by composer, and sfx will be mixed ? or from marketplace resources ?


@Chroman Additional software can be used to assemble the final video, the note about “additional software” is in regards to the project files (if requested).

@kaban 5 members/team includes members that does sfx/music etc. Using the Marketplace or sourcing assets from somewhere else doesn’t take a “member”-spot.

I hope that clarifies it!

Hey everyone! Last minute question if I may. I’m using 100% Marketplace Assets for my entry. Do I need to credit each and every asset or would something like this image suffice?
Thank you for your time.

You don’t have to credit every individual asset, but you do have to credit each marketplace pack.

Thank you so much!

What about blood? Is it acceptable?

Is the deadline till noon or midnight?

it will be fun to see how this played out… me, i didn’t go anywhere soooo… well, maybe in my imagination… perhaps i could have done something through the dream passage… hmm… maybe for next year (smile)

will there be a youtube playlist or some other way that we could see all the participations of the jam?

Yes! I was wanting to see all the other stuff! Thats my favorite part about the game jams, playing what others made!
Also is there going to be an official announcement, like how many entries, judging timelines and stuff like that?

Hopefully we’ll get some news on tomorrow’s stream. In the meantime you can search “unreal film jam” in youtube, quite a few show up !


Looking forward to see all entries :slight_smile:

Yes I searched on youtube, but that doesn’t guarantee the search result is showing all of them. An official way would be better. looking forward to hear updates

Hey all, we’re working on putting together a YouTube playlist with all of the qualifying entries. I will update this thread once it’s live. Stay tuned!