Unreal enigne 4.3 compiling warning (behavior tree)

1>EXEC : warning : File ‘D:\Unreal Engine - 4\Engine\Source\Runtime\AIModule\Private\BehaviorTree\BehaviorTreeManager.cpp’ doesn’t use same ‘shared’ precompiled header as other files in this module: ‘CoreUObject.h’ vs ‘Engine.h’. This can greatly impact compile times. Make sure that your module’s private PCH header includes the ‘largest’ shared PCH header that your module uses

I am getting this error when I compile. Should I change the header in the behavior tree?

Hi evenger,

This warning means that something in AIModule is including Engine.h but its pch (AIModulePrivate.h) does not. We will fix this on our end. To fix this you’d either need to make AiModulePrivate.h include Engine.h or remove Engine.h include (note it may not be direct include!) from one of its cpp files.