Unreal Engine won't launch Error code (0xc000007b)

I install Unreal Engine but when I launch it, it said Application was unable to start properly.
It seems I only get 64bits version of launcher. While my comp is 64 bits, it usually can only run 32bits program.
Any thought on that? I have try to re install program 5 times by way.

Anyone else have same problem?

Hey Egoist,

At what point are you getting error? Are you able to open Launcher? If you can open Launcher, click “verify install” below Launch button. It’s possible you will need to redownload and reinstall.

What are your machine specs?

My machine spec is 64 bits, 6 Gig ram with R270x (2gig ram graphic card).
I am unable to open Launcher or Crash Report Client, both give me Error code (0xc000007b).

I have re install engine 6 times, and try different things, but still stuck with this problem.
Is it possible that it has something to do with registry? Thank you for reply.

I have same error as well. also on a 64 bits system.

Hi Egoist, can you attach your log and DXDiag? Your logs can be found here:


This error can as well mean there is corrupt DLL in your system. As example it’s can be incorrect DirectX DLL, so you need go though dependencies, find what cause problem and re-install system component.

For me it is fixed after replacing following dll files: (mfc100.dll, mfc100u.dll, msvcr100.dll, msvcp100.dll, msvcr100_clr0400.dll) with new ones on C:\Windows\System32. but when doing so make sure to be in safe mode.

Hi, actualy Installation program closed when Installing directX. Is installation finish, or it didnt install properly? Is there some kind of Finish button when you finish installing? Because I didn’t get that. Thanks for reply guys.

Second day still no luck ~_~ where can I download system32 file?

link text

Here is my DxDiag

can you perhaps spell that out for those of us slightly less computer savvy. I also can’t get past installer…

Also on my second day hoping for a bit more of help or perhaps just a heads up on whether or not things are just buggy right now and I should check back in a few days…

This solution only works for a 64-bit system. It requires replacing files in system32 directory so be careful. Only attempt this solution if you are confident. Firstly download file and decompress it. Reboot in safe mode and go to C:\Windows\System32. copy all files included in package (mfc100.dll, mfc100u.dll, msvcr100.dll, msvcp100.dll and msvcr100_clr0400.dll) to C:\Windows\System32 replacing current ones. After that reboot in normal mode.

Still stuck with Error code (0xc000007b) =(. My bro can run it just fine in his comp. Im so jelly now. I been waiting for UE4 for few years =(.

link text

Here you go, hope it give you some clue.

Did it, and still not working. Guess is not DX related problem =(

Hi EGOiST, there actually isn’t a “Finish” button, once installer finishes installation it automatically opens up Launcher. Does launcher work properly, and you crash when opening an installed version of edtior? Or does launcher itself crash?

Sorry, noticed in other comment that you aren’t even able to run launcher. Can you one more thing:


Hi Carlos, thanks for quick reply. I will try it and notify u.