Unreal Engine or Unity for VR ?

Is it just me or is there more support for VR in the form of documentation and tutorials for Unity for VR?
Looking for simple things like getting the controller positions relative to the HMD and just not finding it.
What am I missing ?

Here’s where Iám at atm. Using the Rift sticks to move. Thing is I want to create virtual controls for the drone instead of using the sticks.

I mean, theres plenty of documentation for UE4 in general, and developing for VR isnt much different in a general way to developing for traditional flatscreen games; you just have a few extra bits and pieces. For example, if you want to find the distance between a controller and the HMD, you just use some good old fashioned vector math:

WorldLocation of controller (Vector) - WorldLocation of HMD (Vector), get the length of resulting vector to find distance as a float.

Yes, cheers that works. Feeling brain dead someone had to point that out lol
Dont know how much fun it is to fly that way for an extended period of time.
The touch controllers sticks are rather nice to fly with compared to the XBox controller I use for non VR testing.

Looks to me like VR dev in Unity requires you to buy assets to get the jumpstart you need while VR dev in Unreal has at least a couple good frameworks which are free and open source. There’s an Auto Hand alternative for Unreal at GitHub - mordentral/VRExpansionPlugin: A UE4 VR framework for example. Looks really good.

While I’m more invested in Unity because of things like VRTK many years ago and because of all the assets I’ve paid for, Unreal VR development is definitely making me a bit jealous at times. I’m going to try all these frameworks out in the coming weeks and try to form an informed opinion of everything.


Download the VR example project from the Epic Games Launcher. About the biggest catch that I ran into was the need to have a USceneComponent attached to the root component (“VROrigin” in my case… rather than just attaching everything to the RootComponent). Other than that, it’s all fairly simple. UMotionControllerComponent is the component that deals with your hands. You can set it left or right using dropdown menus to track your left or your right hand, respectively. Etc. etc. etc.

Note that all of mine (screenshot below) say “Inherited” because I’m predominantly C++ in this project.

Cheers, will have a look