Unreal Engine No GI

Hi! This is what my scene looks like, and as you can see there is no light on the 2 panes, they are completely black, even though some light comes through the top and lights up the first pane directly. I read about this and learned that what I want to happen needs GI, but I’m confused because I see GI, I see LVP, etc. How do I get the light to reflect on those 2 panes? Also, is GI what makes color from 1 object bounce to another object. Say a red cube next to a white wall, and a light pointed on it. Will the red color be reflected in a red tinted shadow? How can I turn these 2 features on?


However, I recommend not using Dynamic GI, as it is pretty much always overkill.
Most people want to use Dynamic GI just for the sake of having it.
Lightmass can produce awesome prebaked GI and most of the time this is enough.