Unreal Engine Marketplace 88% / 12% Revenue Share

We’ve just announced a major change to how we split revenue with our Marketplace Sellers. We have changed the 70% / 30% share to 88% / 12%. This is not only effective immediately, but this will also be retroactive to the start of the Marketplace back in 2014. You can find the details over at

We’re excited to be able to announce this change, not only does it benefit all of our great content sellers, but we expect it to bring even more awesome content to our marketplace in the future.

We’re also working to improve the overall experience for all marketplace customers. Earlier this year many of you participated in our marketplace survey, and we’ve heard and appreciate your feedback. Some of the top priorities from our customers are the addition of a wishlist, better searching and sorting, and an improved comment and rating system to help you find the content that’s right for you. We’re working with our developers to implement these changes to the marketplace to improve everyone’s experience.

Thanks for your participation in the Unreal Engine Marketplace!


Good news!!
This is win-win!
Best epic!

Congrats Marketplace creators and thank you Epic!

Keep making amazing assets and an incredible engine, both of yall! :smiley:

Huge. Thank you for doing this and the retroactive pay is a great gesture!

Awesome news

Thank you Epic! You are the best company! This is Unreal and very generous! We are shocked and very thankful! :smiley:

This is surprising, but fantastic news. Going above an beyond with the retroactive payments is incredibly thoughtful and Im sure will help a lot of people out.

WOW, never heard a company doing this on a free base. Now my plugins will find their way from gumroad to the Marketplace. :wink:

Yay 12% for us! Cheers! jk

Im speachless! All I can say is thank YOU and thanks all developers making and consuming assets!

[USER=“35”]Tim Sweeney[/USER]

Kudos! If Epic is willing to do this and retroactively too, why not be all you can be and more…

Set up a competing Marketplace for ‘Selling-Games’ with the same revenue share model…

That’s what Tim advocates / hints at here. Steam is so bloated, discovery on there is trash!

Awesome guys, really, so much appreciated… just awesome!!.

WOW !!! Fantastic ! SUPERB !!!

Thank you Epic, good new for seller and buyer :slight_smile:

I’d be willing to keep paying 30% IF that 30% included tools and curated help to promote my games and help me sell more units (and help visibility in a long run). No one needs a shop that let’s you keep most of the revenue, but where you have hard time selling decent number of units and where you can’t stay visible for a long time (and where you can’t reconnect with your users in case you want to release DLC or a new project aimed at the same user base).

A curated storefront to sell 3rd party UE4 games and take advantage of the huge Fortnite community would be an amazing next step. 88/12 split would attract a lot of developers from both Unity and Steam. If a condition of selling on that store was that it would be the exclusive PC storefront, that would be fine too.

Thats actually a really good idea, since the epic launcher is kinda really popular because of fortnite, why not selling UE4 made games over it too.
It wont replace Steam but having a alternative selling page to generate sales for only 12% fees would be really nice.

When will we get the back pay for sales we made in the past? Will it be this month, next month or is there a specific date we should expect it?

Oh and Right On Epic. This is some really cool news.

it’s really good news.
thank you for Epic.

Epic, you really deserve your name. Thank you sincerely.