Unreal Engine Livestream - Using the new Proxy Geometry Tool - May 17 - Live from Epic HQ


On this week’s Live Training stream Epic Games Principal Mathematician David Hill and Senior Technical Writer Sam Deiter will show you how to setup and use the new Proxy Geometry Tool that was created to help get Fortnite Battle Royale running on multiple platforms. The Proxy Geometry Tool can be used to help reduce the rendering cost of objects far in the distance by programmatically creating a new version of the object’s mesh and textures.

Thursday, May 17th @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


David Hill - Principal Mathematician
Sam Dieter - Sr. Technical Writer - @Sam_Deiter](https://twitter.com/Sam_Deiter)
Tim Slager - Community Manager - @Kalvothe](http://twitter.com/Kalvothe)

If you have questions for our guests, feel free to toss them below and we’ll try to get to them on the stream.



Your timing on this could not be more perfect. Thank you so much!

Yes, peformance is important. Can’t wait for the stream <3

Does this let you reduce the number of bones or vertices in a mesh?

Sounds good!
So… any tutorial or livestream planed on how we should illuminate those marvelous proxy geometry things with the eccentric new physical lighs system from 4.19?

Hey David, can you recommend some advanced mathematical topics to study for FX (or other video game applications for that matter). I have some intermediate topics down, Linear Algebra, PDE, Probability, etc.

By doing this would it affect the gaming quality? giving other users a different experience?

Technically yes, this gives users a less laggy experience lol

cant wait to learn about this!!!

oh… something what i really needed.


las uns mal spielen ich bin AYMANKING9

mein Inventar und so ist alles voll klein was muss ich machen das es wieder normal gross ist?

great subject - glad to see Sam back streaming with us too!

can I assume you’re our new stream host now @Kalvothe or soon to be? yeah I ask those kinds of questions :wink:


I am for this stream, Amanda is out of the office this week.

@Kalvothe : any planned streams on character animations like those with paragon assets please ?


this is for Grafic yes